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Welcome To Our Forum

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:36 pm

Welcome to our Forum here at Doncaster Road Runner, you can post general msgs and info and ask questions regarding the Website and Show.
As we go along we will be creating a Things For Sale Page where you can advertise your car or parts you are wanting to get shut of or even a wanted item that you need for your motor.

Bad behaviour and words will not be tollerated and may be romoved from the Forum as this is and will be viewed by Famlies and there Children.

Any sugesstions in the early stages will be taken into consideration for addition to the Forum but please be Patient while we get it up and running and learn how it all works.

Have Fun !

Please Register for the Forum so that you can be notified of Information relating the the Show and Keep Track Of Your Forum Posts Thankyou



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